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Sonya Postigo

Master Stylist

North Richland Hills, Grapevine



All cuts, balayage, highlights, perms, brazilian blowouts



About me:

Sonya is a Master Stylist/Colorist with over 36 years of experience. Specializing in Coloring, Highlights, Balayage, Ombres, Haircuts, Styling, Updo’s and Perms. Regardless of hair type or gender, Sonya loves helping her clients look and feel their very best by listening to each individual’s needs in order to customize and achieve a satisfying experience.

Native to Texas, growing up in Grand Prairie, Sonya has recently moved back to the metroplex after 10yrs of styling hair in Seattle, WA. She enjoys ballroom, country and western dancing as it’s a place where time stands still and peace resides.Sonya is excited to be back home, ready to meet fresh new facesand take on new clients.

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