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Victoria Faurot

Junior Stylist

North Richland Hills



Blondes, balayage, color corrections, long layers, beach curls



About me:

Victoria graduated from Toni & Guy hair dressing academy. She has always loved being creative and making people feel good about themselves. As she navigated her way through school, and life, a recurring theme arose among the women she built friendships with. They all wished they had more time in the day to really take care themselves. If not more time, then shortcuts. She found herself more and more involved in conversations about beauty hacks, hair color, and how-to's. She found so much joy in helping other women feel good about themselves. This excitement lead her to her calling of becoming a hairstylist

She is a blonde guru and loves talking & building relationships with her clients.

“Everyone deserves to feel pampered and to feel heard. Nothing feels better than being confident after a good service. My mission is to have everyone feeling ‘faurocious’ after they walk out the door.

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